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3 Easy Steps to Beat the Boredom of Low-Carb Diets and Stay on Track

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Starting a low-carb diet is easy, it’s maintaining it that’s hard.

“I’m so excited!! I’m going to do this for real!”

We’ve all been there, that new day, the fresh start… the “I’m going to do it this time!!” attitude… We take the bull by the horns and begin to plan and prepare and organize. We buy new things, we get ourselves psyched up, we make a plan, and we’re ready to go.

And… It lasts about a week. And then we wind up off our program, and feeling like losers … and not in a good way. What happened? Why do we find ourselves in this rut time and time again?

For many, the answer is simple. Our enthusiasm wanes. Our excitement fades. And we just, give up. Why?

Simple. Because we get bored.

The Secret to Beating the Inevitable “Uhg.”

It’s my firm belief that people wind up leaving just about any diet program because of one simple reason: they get bored. After about a week of eating chicken and salad, your mind and your body say enough of this already! I want FOOD!!

This is especially true with a limited amount of selections on a low-carb diet. The good news is? There is an easier way.

The key to great low-carb food? It’s simple: flavor.

The problem is, under the constraints of today’s busy lifestyle, a lot of people have no idea how to be able to properly season and flavor their food in a way that fits on their program, but also fits in with their life.

So how do you do it?

The three simple steps to beat the boredom!

  1. Have an arsenal of good recipes that are easy, delicious, on program, and that your whole family can enjoy.
  2. Stock your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer with ingredients that will allow you to make meals in 20 minutes or less that are flavorful and delicious.
  3. Have a plan. Take 15 minutes a week and write down what meals you have available to make. Shop for what you don’t have, prepare for obstacles like sports, afterschool activities, after work meetings, etc. And be prepared! Remember that enthusiasm you had in the beginning? Keep it up by planning and organizing and making it part of your daily life. It will save you time, money, and keep you on program.

These three simple steps will help you overcome boredom in the kitchen, get rid of a life of chicken and salad, and keep you on program to meet your goals, Saving hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars in the process.

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